Innovative solutions for
the plastic transition

We offer innovative solutions to test the biodegradability and toxicity of plastics in the environment in order to reduce their effects on ecosystems and preserve the planet's resources.

Toxicity and bioaccumulation

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whether conventional, recycled or biodegradable in nature

Plastics of various sizes are ingested at all levels of the food chain and cause physiological disturbances. Plastic@Sea uses various tests that meet standards (ISO, OECD, EPA) to highlight the possible toxicity of plastics on several organisms and proposes solutions that are more environmentally friendly. Read: Plastic toxicity

does plastic biodegrade?

tests adapted to the natural environment

The emergence of bioplastics raises the question of their degradability in the environment. Plastic@Sea uses innovative protocols and participates in new standards to test the biodegradability of plastics at sea. We use state-of-the-art techniques from different disciplines (microbiology, molecular biology, chemistry, material physics) to test our clients' products and guarantee their biodegradability in the natural environment. Read: Biodegradation of plastics

Towards the plastic transition

becoming a player in the circular economy

Faced with bans on the marketing of certain plastics, alternative solutions are emerging. Plastic@Sea assists companies in choosing more environmentally friendly products that meet eco-design criteria. Read: Plastic transition

Major projects 2023

In partnership with public institutions, we are leading a study on the state of plastic particle pollution in the Rhone and on fragmentation mechanisms in rivers.


With the support of the French Agency for Ecological Transition, Plastic@Sea is developing a new bio-indicator for plastic pollution in the sea and freshwater.

Biodegradation standard

We are working with a workshop to establish a new methodological standard for the biodegradability and non-toxicity of plastics at sea.


We support plastics producers and processors in the transition to plastics, helping them to create more environmentally friendly products

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Banyuls goes green

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