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We offer innovative solutions to test the toxicity and biodegradability of plastics and other materials in the environment to help companies reduce their effects on ecosystems and preserve the planet's resources.

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Biodegradability tests

Plastic At Sea offers both in lab and under natural condition tests :

In vivo tests: Plastic At Sea owns platforms in natural environments to test the degradation of plastic and other materials by non-biological phenomena (abrasion, ultraviolet light, waves, etc.) and the impact of their colonization by organisms (biofouling).

In vitro testing: Plastic At Sea owns aquariums open to the sea for the closest to the natural environment conditions to preselect micro-organisms specific to one plastic. In controlled conditions, biodegradability rate is assessed in real time in miniaturized controlled conditions.


Plastic At Sea uses patented and state-of-the-art techniques in direct collaboration with research laboratories in various
disciplines (microbiology, molecular biology, chemistry and materials physics) which allow us to test customers' products
in the natural environment, to ensure their biodegradability in real environmental conditions for real results.


Observed through microscopy for a scientific understanding of biological mechanics.


Studied using chemical parameters.


Microbiological study of bacterial consumption of specific materials.


Studied using respirometry measuring by tracking oxygen consumption, CO2 production and bacterial activity.

Plastic At Sea offers biodegradability tests using patented technologies and ithe only laboratory in the world for in vitro testing with open seawater under standardized future conditions.