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We offer innovative solutions to test the toxicity and biodegradability of plastics and other materials in the environment to help companies reduce their effects on ecosystems and preserve the planet's resources.

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Waste quantification

Plastic At Sea offers specialized waste quantification services tailored to companies seeking to comprehensively assess the environmental impact of their products. By focusing on sustainability and data-driven information, we enable companies to make informed decisions and reduce their environmental footprint.

Our basic services include :

Waste audit and characterization: we carry out in-depth waste audits to identify and categorize the types and quantities of waste generated throughout a product's life cycle. This includes a detailed analysis of plastic waste, among other materials. Our characterization process provides a precise breakdown of waste streams, enabling customers to identify areas for improvement.

Environmental impact assessment: We go beyond waste quantification by assessing the environmental impact associated with the waste identified. This includes assessing carbon emissions, energy consumption and the ecological consequences of waste disposal methods. Our comprehensive analysis helps companies understand the wider sustainability implications of their products.

Data analysis and reporting: we leverage state-of-the-art data analysis tools to transform raw waste data into actionable information. Our detailed reports provide customers with clear, quantifiable measures of their waste production, enabling data-driven decision-making and the development of targeted sustainability strategies.

Sustainability consulting: our team of experts offers tailor-made recommendations and strategies to minimize waste production, optimize recycling practices and improve overall environmental performance. We work closely with our customers to develop sustainable solutions that meet their corporate objectives and regulatory requirements.

Continuous monitoring and improvement: we support ongoing waste management efforts by establishing monitoring systems to track progress and identify opportunities for further waste reduction. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures that our customers remain at the forefront of sustainable practices.


With our waste quantification services, companies can gain a comprehensive understanding of the environmental impact of their products and take meaningful steps towards a more sustainable and responsible future.