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We offer innovative solutions to test the toxicity and biodegradability of plastics and other materials in the environment to help companies reduce their effects on ecosystems and preserve the planet's resources.

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Toxicity and biodegradability testing

Waste quantification

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Plastic Transition

Plastic At Sea helps companies navigate the evolving landscape of responsible plastic use, heightened environmental awareness and stricter regulations.

We provide the latest scientific advances to ensure not only compliance with existing and future regulations, but also to optimize the environmental performance of companies' plastics-related processes.

Plastic At Sea offers a multidisciplinary approach, including :

  • polymer chemistry
  • materials science,
  • regulatory expertise


Our services range from in-depth analysis of polymer toxicity and biodegradability to the implementation of state-of-the-art production methodologies. While regulatory standards continue to evolve, our scientific rigor and commitment to sustainable development remain unwavering.

Collaborate with Plastic At Sea to leverage the power of science and innovation in your plastics transition journey, ensuring that your business not only thrives within the confines of stricter regulations, but also leads the way to a more environmentally harmonious future.