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Plastic At Sea, a collective of committed scientists, aims to solve the climate crisis by working with businesses to achieve sustainable development and climate goals. United with you and your company, we are determined to take action and promote economically sustainable ecology.

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Our commitment

We are all responsible and share the burden of doing what we do better and more efficiently, both ecologically and economically. That's why we're committed to helping you and your business:

MEASURING IMPACT We work to scientifically confirm or refute the toxicity and biodegradability of your products in a real environment, so that you know their true impact on organisms.


FINDING ALTERNATIVES We're not anti-plastic or anti-chemical, we're looking for better alternatives to toxic materials and finding the most ecologically, industrially and economically viable alternatives.


IMPLEMENTING SOLUTIONS Thanks to our studies and tests as well as waste quantification in the field, we can implement concrete solutions based on our real results for real impact.


Our mission is to offer you ecologically and economically viable raw material alternatives to prepare for the future. | Anne-Leïla MEISTERTZHEIM (CEO Plastic At Sea)