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Sud'Exceptionn'elle 2022 Award

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Sud'Exceptionn'elles 2022 Awards 🏆 The ''Sud Exceptionn'elles'' prize is organized at the initiative of Elles du Sud, by the Banque Populaire du Sud. They were given during the General Assembly of the BPS on May 12, 2022 in Narbonne. This prize rewards the entrepreneurial initiative and dynamism of six laureates from our region. And among them, our CEO: Anne-Leila Meistertzheim in the category Blue Economy. This prize rewards the innovation of her approach, her involvement in the circular economy and her economic actions related to the oceans, seas and their coasts. "Modern society is more and more concerned about the preservation of the environment and the future of its waste. Plastic@Sea responds to the need for a more ecological plastic and its recycling in a circular economy. Created in 2018 by two academic researchers who are experts in plastic pollution, we are a laboratory specialized on the measurement of biodegradability and toxicity of plastics. Thanks to our innovations we can test the biodegradability of several materials in less than 4 months (compared to 2 years in previous standards), and the toxicity of contaminants according to acute and chronic tests (100 days) on aquatic organisms. We have stayed as close as possible to the research activities on this theme and use the means of different disciplines at the cutting edge of technology: microbiology, molecular biology, chemistry and physics of materials. You can see us on this link Sud Exceptionnelle