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Mission Plastic-Rhône 2022

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In the week of 17 January 2022, the 4th mission of the Plastic-Rhône project took place on the 1st global assessment of plastic pollution in a river.

Plastic@Sea is leading the project in collaboration with the CNR, the water agency, and with CNRS agencies (LOMIC, IMRCP, CEFREM).

The aim of this mission is to better understand plastic pollution in a river from its source to the sea.

It is estimated that 80% of plastics collected at sea come from rivers. Whatever the river, microplastics are found in addition to macroplastics; macroplastics fragment and become smaller and smaller.

We have collected plastic waste near dams and along the Rhone, and then sorted and analysed it. We can then estimate the flow of macro, micro and nanoplastics into the rivers.

This mission took place in seven different locations:

-17/01 Pyrimont bridge and Jons bridge

-18/01 Pierre Bénite dam and Bourg-lès-Valence dam

-19/01 Pouzin bridge and Bollène dam

-20/01 Arles bridge

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