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Science festival

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It's the Fête de la science at the Biodiversarium in Banyuls-sur-mer. The Biodiversarium opens its doors to schoolchildren on the occasion of the annual science festival.

From primary to secondary school, each young person, the citizens of tomorrow, will be made aware of the problems affecting the marine environment. The scientific community and Plastic@Sea have participated in this educational work with this young generation to adopt new practices and show that there can be alternatives to plastics.

After a brief summary of the problem posed by plastic pollution in the sea, and in particular on the living beings that inhabit this environment, the scientists set out to show their work and the solutions that can be envisaged by public players, but also, and above all, those that can be adopted by each of us (through the use we make of this plastic, but also through our daily practice). Simple examples were given to the children in order to approach a different type of consumption: favouring the water bottle to the plastic bottle, limiting the consumption of products using the single use of plastic by over-packaging... 

To end on a positive note: these various workshop presentations and interventions, biodegradable plastics were presented, especially those produced by bacteria. There is no doubt that after such a presentation and thanks to the support of the educational team, new habits will change and a more aware society will emerge.