The emergence of bio-plastics raises the question of their biodegradation in the natural environment. Plastic@Sea tests polymers and evaluates the biodegradation of manufactured products in real environmental conditions.

In-vivo test

Plastic@Sea has platforms in the natural environment that allow us to test the disintegration of plastic by non-biological phenomena (abrasion, ultraviolet light, waves, etc.) and the impact of their colonization by organisms (biofouling).

Monitored in real time, these stages must be taken into account in the biodegradation processes in the natural environment.

In-vitro test

Plastic@Sea has aquariums that are open to the sea and allow us to be as close as possible to natural conditions, while being able to test different environmental conditions (light, temperature, pollution, etc.).

Our aquarium department offers customised systems to suit each type of product.

Colonisation 2

Biodegradation test

biodegradation explanation

We use state-of-the-art techniques in direct collaboration with research laboratories in various disciplines (microbiology, molecular biology, chemistry and materials physics) which allow us to test our customers' products in the natural environment, to ensure their biodegradability in real environmental conditions.

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